Pyramid TimeTrax Elite Biometric Time & Attendance Time clock Small Business management software

Hello, I’m your favorite “Smart World” today I’m gonna do the unboxing and the review of the Pyramid Time Traxelite bio this time clock that you can use if you are running on a small business the good thing that it has is that it does not require to be connected to the Internet at all times not even to the network you only need to have equality to the network not the internet when you’re gonna retrieve the punches at the end of the month it prevents by punching by using biometric fingerprint scans which is thing all you have the husband around for a while I’m gonna proceed opening that unboxing so you can see what’s inside the box and you want to the network and do the initial setup let’s check it off I’m going over the box see what’s inside and basically walk the we’re gonna press it to take out so it’s very basic I’m very powerful the weight that is up it has on a screen the will lie up light up to let the employee know whether the time punches have been successively require you can also punch using a numeric code the employers can punch using numeric codes on this and basically everybody will play their finger here and it will give you are a doubt of who the employee is on the back side you have a power plug where you can connect to the to the power it has regular mounting holes and screws and on the back you can connect the network and BCD out this is the basic layout on the back of the equipment and basically we’re gonna mount it like this hanging on the wall let’s see what else comes into the package I’m gonna put this aside here comes the mono for the basic installation then we will get you through in a in a little bit so you can see how we started on the wall of the client the installation CD that I believe that we will have to download an updated version from the manufacturer and also the power supply so we use to connect it permanently to the wall and I never cable that you can use to connect to the network it also comes with the standard mounting hardware so you can mount this plate on the world first and I should screws and a warranty memo let’s stop folder down for a second I make sure that if powers up so you can see the initial finish at screen I’m basically this is what the employees will see if I had a finger print register it will recognize Who I am but obviously since I haven’t registered it will say not found so basically on the screen where the employee is gonna see is the time and the day that they’re clocking in for the tank it’s not accurate so we’ll have to report on the later on it syncs with the time on the on the computer so I’m gonna proceed right through the clients location and install it so you can see how we mounted on the wall and how we set up the software for to facilitate the acquisition of employees biometric fingerprints. Now its time short, i’ll try my best to show you biometric use in social technology here fingerprints. I’ll see you in a moment let’s try still apply so we already got the hardware installed on the wall the time clock itself I’m going to perceive installed the software that we are going to have on our workstation to be able to pull out the time records for the employees on each pay period the setup is it really simple so I’m gonna start up the CD set up by clicking on tank tracks setup this will also if you have how to run enable it will run by itself once you start up the CD so here you’re greeted with the welcome to the time tracks version 5 setup wizard I’m gonna hit next to install it to the default location and let’s just sort through the screens and make sure that we get it in style it will install a few requirements like sequel server and it has been successfully installed click finish so we really get the software set up I’m gonna click on the icon to start it up and let’s go through the options for the initial setup you will go through the installation of IIS Express so once you open it will show up on a webpage you do not any meeting turn it to run it runs locally on the on the word station and you’re gonna enter the default username and password which is on the city and it should be or uppercase adminand the password is PTI I’m gonna choose not to save the password and it’s gonna ask me for permission if I have a firewall so this is the dashboard for the time tracks at 5. 0 we need to enter our employees and all the details for the company on the pay periods on the payroll the dashboard to make sure that your time clock is being recognized and found on the network you’re gonna click on clock and you’re gonna click on hardware manager and as you can see my time clock has already been detected here is the device name the mole of the of the time clock how it is connected via Ethernet different word version that is running and this is that it’s online meaning that it can connect the time clock let’s check out the details make it in your detail we can see the status and this is the last update where it connected to the time clock this is the time of the device which is wrong we need to update it I’m gonna edit the properties of the time clock to see what I can change the time zone settings were incorrect by going to the device settings I’m going to enable an NTP so it pulls all the time from the internet and I’m gonna put the correct time zone that I’m using for this client which is the Pacific time UTC – a safe the settings are let it update into the time clock and it comes back with a notification that the configuration has been successfully sent to the device in case you have a several time clocks we will let you see here the MAC address of the device that was updated you can also change the name to a more friendly name so I can remember and I’m gonna rename it walk going to save it again and it goes back to saying again that the device settings of being updated to the time clock so now that you have completely finished the installation of the time clock and the software we’re gonna proceed to do the basic setup of the company and these things would be for the employees thank you so much for reading this article please follow to my site hit the like button. Thank you so much for reading I would love to see you again


Android Operating System

>> Smart World: Hi, i’m smart world. I’m an engineer on the Android Development Team. Android is an open software platform for mobile development. It is intended to be a complete stack that includes everything from the operating system through middle ware and up through applications. In the next few minutes, I’m going to be introducing you to an overview of the architecture of the Android platform. And I’m also going to talk about some of the key principles that are underlying its design. If I’m going to talk about architecture, we need to start with a diagram covered with a lot of little boxes and this is ours. Our architecture, we’re going to start at the bottom work up. Our architecture is based on the Linux 2. 6 Kernel. We use the Linux Kernel as our hardware abstraction layer. So, if you are an OEM trying to bring up Android on a new device, the first thing you do is bring up Linux and get all your drivers in place. The reason we’re using Linux is because it provides a proven driver model in a lot of cases existing drivers. It also provides memory management, process management, a security model, networking, a lot of core operating system infrastructures that are robust and have been proven over time. The next levelup is our native libraries. Everything that you see here in green is written in C and C plus, plus. It’s at this level where a lot of the core power of the Android platform comes from. I’m just going to go through and describe what some of these components are. I’m going to start with the surface manager. The surface manager is responsible for composing different drawings surfaces onto the screen. So it’s the surface manager that’s responsible for taking different windows that are owned by different applications that are running in different processes and all drawing at different times and making sure the pixelsend up on the screen when they’re supposed to. Below that we have two boxes, OpenGL/ES and SGL and these two make up the core of our graphics libraries. OpenGL/ES is a 3D library. We have a software implementation that is hardware accelerated if the device has a 3D chip on it. The SGL graphics are for 2D graphics and that is what most of our application drawing is based on. One interesting thing about the Android graphics platform is that you can combine 3D and 2D graphics in the same application. Moving over, we have the Media Framework. The Media Framework was provided by PacketVideo, one of the members of the open handset alliance and that contains all of the codex that make up the core of the media experience. So, in there you’ll find MPEG4, H. 264, MP3, AAC, all the audio and video codex you need to build a rich media experience. We use Free Type to render our fonts. We have an implementation of SQLite, we use that as the core of most of our data storage. We have WebKit which is the open source browser engine, that’s what we’reusing as a core of our browser. It’s the same browser that’s powering Safari fromApple and we’d made some, we’ve worked with that engine to make it render well onsmall screens and on mobile devices. Next is The Android Runtime. And the main componentin the Android Runtime is the Dalvik Virtual Machine. The Android Runtime was designedspecifically for Android to meet the needs of running in an embedded environment whereyou have limited battery, limited memory, limited CPU. The Dalvik Virtual Machine runssomething called dex files, D-E-X. And these are bytecodes that are the results of convertingat build time . Class and . JAR Files. So, these files when they are converted to . dex, becomea much more efficient bytecode that can run very well on small processors. They use memoryvery efficiently. The data structures are designed to be shared across processes wheneverpossible. And it uses a highly CPU optimized bytecode interpreter. The end result of thatis that it’s possible to have multiple instances of the Dalvik Virtual Machine running on thedevice at the same time, one in each of several processes and we’ll see why that’s importanta little bit later on. The next level up from that is the Core Libraries. This is in blue,meaning that it’s written in the Java programming language. And the Core library contains allof the collection classes, utilities, IO, all the utilities and tools that you’vecome to expected to use. Moving up again, we now have the Application Framework. Thisis all written in a Java programming language and the application framework is the toolkitthat all applications use. These applications include the ones that come with a phone likethe home application, or the phone application. It includes applications written by Google,and it includes applications that will be written by you. So, all applications use thesame framework and the same APIs. Again, I’m going to go through and talk about what someof the main components are in this layer, in the Application Framework. The activitymanager is what manages the life cycle of applications. It also maintains a common backstackso that applications that are running in different processes can have a smoothly integrated navigationexperience. Next down from that is the package manager. The package manager is what keepstrack of which applications are installed on your device. So, if you download new applicationsover the air or otherwise install applications, it’s the package manager that’s responsiblefor keeping track of what you have and what the capabilities of each of your applicationsare. The window manager manages Windows. It’s mostly a Java programming language abstractionon top of lower level services that are provided by the surface manager. The telephony managercontains the APIs that we use to build the phone application that’s central to thephone experience. Content providers are a unique piece of the Android platform. That’sa framework that allows applications to share their data with other applications. We usethat in our contacts application so that all of the information in contacts, phone numbers,addresses, names is available to any application that wants to make use of them. And otherapplications can use that facility as well to share data. The resource manager is whatwe use to store local iStrings, bitmaps, layout file descriptions, all of the external partsof an application that aren’t code. I’m just going to touch lightly on the remainingfour boxes, view system, location manager, notification manager and XMPP service. Theview system contains things like buttons and lists, all the building blocks of the UI. It also handles things like event dispatching, layout, drawing. Location manager, notificationmanager and XMPP service are some APIs that I think will allow developers to create reallyinnovative and exciting applications. And the final layer on top is Applications. Thisis where all the applications get written. It includes the home application, the contactsapplication, the browser, your applications. And everything at this layer is, again, usingthe same application framework provided by the layers below. Now, if you’re going towrite an application, the first step is to decompose it into the components that aresupported by the Android platform. Here are the four major ones. We have activity, intentreceiver, service, and content provider. An activity is essentially just a piece of UItypically corresponding to one screen. So if you think of something like the mail application,that would be decomposed into maybe three major activities, something that lists yourmail, something that shows you what an individual mail message and a compose screen to put togetheran outgoing email. An intent receiver is something different. An intent receiver is a way forwhich your application to register some code that won’t be running until it’s triggeredby some external event. And the set of external events that triggers your code is open andextensible. So you can write some code and through XML, register it to be woken up andrun when something happens, when the network, the network activities established or at acertain time or when the phone rings or whatever trigger makes sense for your application. The next major component is a service. A service is a task that doesn’t have any UI, that’slong lived, that’s running in the background. A good example is a music player. You maystart playing some music from an activity, from a piece of UI, but once the music isplaying, you’d want it to keep playing even if you’re navigating to other parts of theuser experience. So the code that’s actually running through the playlist playing songswould be a service, that’s running in the background. You can connect to it later ifyou want to from an activity or some other component by binding to the service and sendingmessages like “skip to the next” or “rewind. ” The last component is a content provider and,again, that’s a component that allows you to share some of your data with other processesand other applications. Now, any application can store data in whatever may–way it makessense for that application. They can store it in the files. They can store it in oursuper light database, whatever makes sense. But if they want to make that data availableas part of the platform so that other applications can make use of it, then the content provideris the solution for that and we’ve used that for the context database that comes with theAndroid platform so that any application can make use of the information in context. Androidwas designed at a fundamental level to encourage reusing and replacing components. I have anexample here that shows how that works. On the left, there are four applications thatmight want to pick a photo for some reason. So the home application might want to pickit for wallpaper. Contacts might want to pick a person’s face to associate with theircontact card. Gmail or MMS, you might want to have a photo that you sent to someone inan outgoing message. Now, an Android for these applications to make use of the service oftaking a photo, they first need to make a request. So the client component makes a requestfor specific action. In this case, I’m illustrating that with a talk balloon and the Gmail applicationis requesting that it picks a photo. So the talk balloon is actually representation ofa formal class in our system called an intent. What the system does when a request is madeis it looks at all of the installed components and it finds the best available componentthat knows how to do whatever was asked for. In this case, let’s say that the systemfinds the built-in photo gallery. Now, what happens is the Gmail application is now connectedto the photo gallery. When the user in Gmails wanted to pick a photo, he will be taken tothe photo gallery and the photo gallery will fulfill whatever was asked for in the intent. What makes this interesting is that the picking of the matching component is late bound, it’sdone very late and so you can swap software components at any time. So let’s say youdidn’t like the built-in photo gallery and you wanted to replace it with one that wentonline to find a richer or bigger set of photos. You can replace our built-in photo gallerywith one that say goes out to Picasso or whatever your favorite online photo site is. Once you’vedone that, then any of the applications on the left will now use the new and better componenton the right to fulfill the task of picking a photo. And at any time, a new applicationcan come along and make use of existing functionality. So if you’re writing a blogger application,you don’t have to worry about writing a photo picker yourself. You can just rely onwhichever one the user has configured to be their preferred photo picking application. This becomes really important because in Android, it’s not just about picking photos, virtuallyany task has an intent in the middle. If the user is going from point A to point B, there’san intent in the middle and each of those intents is an opportunity to reuse a componentor to replace a component. So we have intents for going home which means you can replacea home application. Or we have an intent for sending an email which means you can replacethe mail application. All of these are opportunities for replacing and reusing components. If you’reinterested in finding out more about Android, I encourage you to visit the developer siteand download the SDK. In the SDK, you’ll find a lot more documentation and sample codeand you’ll also be able to try building applications of your own. There’s also adeveloper group that you can join to find out more information and I also encourageyou to check back frequently because we’ll be posting updates to the SDK as the platformmatures. Thank you for watching.

A Brief History of Robotics

Hi Friends Smart World is here. You’d think the Robot Revolution would have happened by now, with the self-aware robots taking over the world, becoming our overlords, making us work in the tungsten mines. Well,the thing is, the Robot Revolution already is happening. To know about news and more articles about Robots this visit this link. It’s been happening for decades. It’s just been a lot less bloody than the movies made us think it would be, and the robots are not self-aware. . . yet, but in all likelihood, your car was made by a robot. These days, there are robots helping spacecraft dock at the International Space Station, and you might even have one faithfully vacuuming your kitchen floor. Not exactly Skynet, butall of the convenience that we already enjoy thanks to robots took decades of hard work by scientists, and some of the problems that robotics engineers were struggling with fifty years ago still haven’t been solved, so there’s a whole lot of history that went into the robots that we rely on today, and it just might help you understand why we don’t have robots taking care of our every need, or forcing us to mine their tungsten. [Intro]If we’re going to talk about the history of robotics, first, we need to talk about what a robot actually is, and for such a common term, it’s surprisingly slippery to define,but technically speaking, a robot is just a machine designed to accomplish a task. That’sit. Now, it might sound like that would cover everything from a four-function calculator to NASA’s Pleiades Supercomputer, but that is not what we’re talking about here. When we talk about robots, we’re really talking about machines that use their programming to make decisions. For example, if you, a human, decide to pick up a coin from the ground,there are three main steps you have to go through. First, your eyes need to see the coin and then send that information to your brain. Then, your brain processes that inputand uses things like previous experience to make a decision to pick it up. Eventually,your brain sends messages to your body to grasp the coin. Robots go through a similar process, but without the getting the Slim Jim at the gas station. They can go through that process because most of the time, they have the components that let them carry out each step. They have sensors for input, control systems for decision-making,and end effectors for output. Sounds simple enough, but developing each of these components can be challenging. Sensors have to be able to detect things like images and sound accurately, effectors have to be flexible and fast enough to do what we need them to do, and the control system has to make all of the decisions necessary to get the sensors and effectors working together. Of course, there are so many different kinds of robots that these components can vary considerably,but that’s the basics of robot anatomy. Now if we tried to talk about every advance that’s been made in every subfield of robotics in just the past half-century, we’d be here all day. But to understand how we’ve gotten this far and why robots haven’t taken over the world yet, we first have to talk about how the development of industrial, humanoid, and military robots got the field where itis today. Industry is a good place to start, because that’s where robots first became useful. Since factory work can be repetitive and often involves lifting lots of heavy stuff, it’s a perfect fit for a machine. The world’s first ever industrial robot, Unimate, was installed on a General Motors production line in New Jersey in 1961. Weighing in at nearly a metric ton,it was basically a giant robot arm. Its instructions programmed on a huge magnetic drum told the arm to stack and weld hot pieces of metal over and over again. Soon, other car companies got in on the game, installing their own robotic arms. But this first generation of robots was still in its awkward stage. The arms weren’t particularly flexible, they were often powered by clunky hydraulics, and they were ultimately difficult to program. So when a robotic arm called IRB-6 came along in 1974, it was a pretty big deal. This was the first electric industrial robot that was controlled by a microcomputer. Ithad 16 KB of RAM, it was programmable, and it could display four whole digits with its LEDs. Developed by a Swedish engineering firm, ABB, this robot was used to perform inauspicious tasks like polishing steel tubes, but it was a crucial step toward developing robots that were easier to program. But while controlling robotic arms was getting simpler, another issue came up. You can give a robot as much programming as you want, but if it can’t see, it’s not going to be able to do even seemingly simple things, like figure out which box should go where on a pallet. Crude visual scanners had been around since the ’50s; they could only see black and white,and the resolution was worse than what you get from a flip phone camera. But to give vision to industrial robots, engineers had to tap into another field that would completely change the robotics game: artificial intelligence. Now, artificial intelligence, or AI, is another broad, vague term used to describe any attempt to make a computer do something that we’d normally associate with human intelligence,like translate languages or play chess or recognize objects. In the 60s, the problem was that even though AIs were getting better at complex reasoning tasks, like playing chess and proving mathematical theorems, it was incredibly difficult to actually get the programs to interact with the real world. There’s a difference, for example, between figuring out the ideal placement of wooden blocks in a theoretical model and actually moving those blocks into place, because moving them involves a whole series of discrete decisions and actions,and the robots at the time simply couldn’t manage that. For robots, vision isn’t just about taking pictures, it’s also about recognizing objects so that they can react to things and situations in real time. By the late 1970s, engineers had developed new algorithms that allowed cameras to recognize edges and shapes by using visual cues like highlights and shadows, but these programs were still just experimental,stuck in research labs. That all changed in 1981, when the first industrial robot got the gift of vision. A General Motors factory was once again the guinea pig, implementing a system called Consight,in which three separate robots could use visual sensors to pick out and sort six different kinds of auto parts as 1,400 parts per hour moved by on a conveyor belt. Progress! For the next two decades, technology kept improving {–|–} industrial robots were able to see better,move faster, carry heavier loads, and handle more decisions. These days, industrial robots are advanced enough that it’s totally normal for a factory to install a robotic assembly line that handles nearly all of its production, and some industrial robots are heading in the direction of a more general purpose use, like Baxter, the humanoid industrial robot. Humanoid, yet again a very subjective term, but it just means human-like. For robots, that usually implies that they’re designed to look and act as human-like as possible. So Baxter, for instance, is nearly two meters tall, weighs 136 kg, and has a screen fora face. It also has a vaguely human-shaped torso and two arms. But more importantly,it can be quickly programmed to do practically anything. If a factory worker or researcher has a task to do, Baxter can probably handle it, as long as it’s lifting less than 2. 2kg, because its arms are not industrial strength. But it does need to be told what to do. If you want Baxter to stack some products in a box, for instance, you’ve got to program it by manually making it do what you want the first time, and then it’ll imitate that task. And its shape may be loosely based on a human, but Baxter cannot walk or climb stairs or talk, so getting a robot to act like a human has proved to be a whole other ballgame, and it’s one that researchers have been working on for decades, and it’s been slow going. The Wabot I is usually considered to be the first full-scale humanoid robot. Developed by researchers at Waseda University in Japan in 1973, it had arms, legs, and a vision system. It could walk, it could pick things up with its hands, it could even talk. Except that it could only reply with pre-recorded responses to very specific statements, and it took 45 seconds to take one step. This bot and its successor Wabot II were a really big dealin their day, but they also pointed out an important fact: it’s just much easier to design robots to do one task at a time. So recently, the thinking has been if general purpose humanoid robotics are out of our grasp,we might as well focus on making something that can do at least one useful task. That’s why in the past 10 years, there have been more household robots in use than ever, programmed to perform a single function like vacuuming the floor, mowing the lawn, washing windows or cleaning the pool. They’re not quite Rosie from The Jetsons, but they were all made possible by the advances that came before them, like having the ability to sense their surroundings and make decisions in order to navigate the world. And it’s not like researchers have given up on the humanoid front. There are humanoid robots in development that can perform some impressive feats. Honda’s Asimo, for example,can walk at speeds of almost 6 kilometers an hour, climb up and down stairs, carry atray, push a cart, among other things. So again, progress. You just can’t buy one. For the time being, Asimo is basically a research tool and a spokesmodel for what the future of robotics might look like. But probably the most cutting edge research going on in robotics today is being done by the military. Take BEAR, a military robot that’s been in development since 2005. Unlike with humanoid or even single task robots, in the military, robot design is more aboutfunction than form. So BEAR has some humanoid components, like a head and two arms, but instead of walking like a human, its legs are covered in treads, like a tank. The legs have a joint that acts kind of like a knee that can rotate all the way around. Using their special limb design, BEAR has proven really good at moving through rough terrain,including stairs. It can climb through debris, carry an injured soldier back to base, it can carry light loads; tell it to go to a location and it’ll go there. That’s a lot more than most civilian robots can do. But discussion of military robots would not be complete without talking about DARPA. A division of the US Department of Defense, DARPA has been working for the last 50 years to turn even the wackiest of concepts into working technology, and it’s been one of the most active promoters in the field of robotics. DARPA has stoked innovation by holding robot competitions; it held contests for autonomous vehicles where robotic cars compete in a race,hundreds of kilometers through the Mojave Desert, and in the summer of 2015, 11 teams will compete in the DARPA Robotics Challenge Finals, where human supervised robots will try to carry out complicated and kind of dangerous tasks associated with disaster response, like scrambling over debris and carrying things to safety. The aim is to develop robots that can be sent into dicey situations without putting human lives at risk, and we’re getting there. So robot tech has come a long way since that first robotic arm in 1961, it’s just that,as often is the case when it comes to humans and technology, we can dream up awesome designs and uses for robots faster than we can actually invent them. For now, I’m perfectly happy to have a clean kitchen floor and my freedom from the tungsten mines while science takes robotics to the next level. Thanks for reading this SMart World Infusion. If you have questions, then comment in Comment box of This article, Follow my site to update regularly. Also contact me by gmail visit my site Also

Apple iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy S8!

[Stylish World] Hey guys, Stylish is here. Without a doubt Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is one of the most impressive phones of 2017. The iPhone X however is officially here and with that I think it’s time to see how these two stack up side by side. Now clearly once you put these phones next to each other in terms of the design,aesthetics and really just overall looks,not to sugarcoat it or anything but the Galaxy S8is miles ahead. The iPhone X definitely does have some very impressive features, but design wise,it really hasn’t changed much over the years. So honestly for all intents and purposes,it very well could have been called the iPhone 7S. The Galaxy S8 on the other hand is a completely different story. It has this beautiful bezel-less display that looks like it’s straight outta the future. And I’ve said it before but I still think the Galaxy S8 is arguably the best looking phone of 2017. Now with the upcoming iPhone X that very well may change that statement for me,but that is different comparison for a different day. For now, and especially because both the iPhone 8 and Galaxy S8 are very similar in pricing we’re gonna focus on these two phones. Now regardless, both of these are very impressive devices and I’m sure most of you out there would love to win either of these. So with that you have a chance to win either a brand new Galaxy S8 or iPhone 8, the choice is yours. But if you wanna go crazy and we can get to 100,000 likes I will give away both of these. So for a chance to win go ahead and check out the link down below. But the main thing to do is make sure you subscribe,so if you haven’t don’t that, make sure you hit that subscribe button. Huge shout out to The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land for sponsoring this comparison and giveaway. I was actually super excited they wanted to do that because I freaking love The Walking Dead. If you guys haven’t checked out the game it is turn based action strategy game where you battle those walkersand you can do so with Daryl, Rick, Glenn and even the ninja master with a stick, Morgan. Now as much as I love those guys, there’s a part of me that can’t help but root for Megan and Lucille. So if you’re a Megan fan too, right now you can download the game which is free in both the App Store and the Play Store before September 30th you get Megan for free. This game is super addicting. And if you can’t get enough Walking Dead there’s a unique storyline written specifically just for this game. There are weekly challenges and two huge updates just dropped. First is the Distance which is a brand new game mode which is specifically for players which have reached Council Level 18 and this is designed so you can put those skills to the test in a brand new Survival Mode. It’s a little challenging because characters will not be able to heal in between missions. But if you’re up for the challenge, it’s worth it because new rewards will drop each time the Distance event occurs. This allows you collect components for your mission crates and craft badges for your survivors. Both these updates are available now,so make sure you check out the links below. And whether you’re on team iPhone or team Android if you’re a fan of The Walking Dead you’re gonna dig this game. Now unfortunately with the iPhone X it still connects to a lightning port and surprise, surprise does not have a headphone jack. So two potential advantages with the Galaxy S8,is one, USB C and two, the fact that you can connect a pair of wired headphones without any adapter. Now another potential advantage with the Galaxy S8is MicroSD card expandability. Now I don’t want to turn this into an iOS versus Android war. For me I’ve never really felt the need to store anything on a MicroSD card but for some it may be big deal and if that’s the case, that is clearly where the Galaxy S8 has one up. Some of you might notice that both the iPhone 8 and Galaxy S8 feature an all glass back. Now that’s because both of these feature wireless charging. Clearly this isn’t anything new to Samsung or the Galaxy line up. It is however brand new to the iPhone X. They’re using a wireless Qi standard and not some proprietary crap. So the fact that it’s finally here on the iPhone is only gonna help wireless charging become further adopted and that is better for everybody. The one thing mention though in terms of fast charging or quick charging, that is something you getright out of the box with the Galaxy S8 whereas with the iPhone 8 you’re going to need to spend nearly $100 in accessories just to get that which is kinda crazy. So definitely a plus one to Samsung for providing Quick Charge out of the box, and unfortunately in typical Apple fashion, you’re gonna pay more for adapters and accessories. For me though, whether I’m on Android or iPhone I’m usually plugged into an Anker Power Bank or wall charger so I’ve never really felt like my phone needs to charge faster. This is their brand new PowerCore II which packs 20,000 mAh of juice inside,so battery for days. It really doesn’t matter which device you’re on,it just works and it works well. So if you’re interested in checking on out,I would drop a link down below. Now from there, jumping into displays. It is not even close. The Galaxy S8 here is the clear winner. It features a beautiful and I mean beautiful 5. 8 inch Super AMOLED display. It’s bright it’s colorful, it’s vibrant and the lack of bezels kinda just makes you wanna stare in awe at it, and there is really no other word to describe it than impressive. With the display Samsung also did a fantastic job of implementing a virtual home button into the screen and it just works really well. The downside to that is that Samsung could not implement the finger print reader into the displayso in turn it is located awkwardly on the backnext to the camera which I’m still not a fan of. Unlike the iPhone X, the iPhone 8 does however have a fingerprint reader or Touch ID up front so in terms of that, I definitely prefer the iPhone 8. That though unfortunately does not help the iPhone 8’s display when stacked upside by side against the Galaxy S8. Now the iPhone 8 is not a bad display by any means. Its got a beautiful white color gamut, bright, true tone,actually works really well but it just kinda pales in comparison in both size and resolution. It is a 4. 7 inch display with a 750P resolution. And again when you stack it side by side against the Galaxy S8 it’s not even close. So while the display is a clear advantage to the Galaxy S8if we look under the hood, the iPhone 8 might surprise you. Yes, the Galaxy S8 has an eight core processor and I’ve seen people make fun of the iPhone 8,the iPhone X for finally getting a six core processor. But the fact is the A11 Bionic chip is nuts. Stacked up side by side against the Galaxy S8it completely smashes and obliterates it. The big thing with that A11 chip is that when it needs to it’s gonna utilize all six of those coresat the same time whereas with the Galaxy S8,it is actually two pairs of quad core processors. That in turn is why the iPhone 8 and especially in multi-core performance does so well. And just for reference that is on par with a 13 inch MacBook Pro which is crazy in terms of a smartphone. Again, I don’t want to turn this into a war or negate how awesome the Galaxy S8 is,because it is a fantastic, beautiful, really fast phone. But in terms of performance, it is clear that Apple is miles ahead. From there I wanna jump over to cameras because honestly that is probably one of the most important features to pretty much everybody out there. Both the iPhone 8 and Galaxy S8 feature 12MP shooter son the back and in terms of performance goes as far as photography, both do an amazing job. The showcase that I think these two pictures here are a prime example of why that is the case,this was shot on the Galaxy S8 which is an amazing picture but if we hop over to the iPhone 8, it is pretty much equally as impressive. I’m not sure which I like more but I think either way you would not be disappointed with either of these. Same thing here with these pictures,I think the iPhone 8 does a fantastic job of capturing the highlights, the shadows,not over blowing the sunset. But it’s pretty much the same thing on the Galaxy S8. The only advantage I would say the S8 has with this picture over here is if we crop it and zoom in, it does retain sharpness just a little bit better over the iPhone 8. Now into where I prefer the Galaxy S8 over the iPhone 8 is this alpha balance shot right here. The iPhone 8, it is every so slightly just a little over washed, a littler over exposed. But as we hop over to the Galaxy S8,it kinda just holds everything together better. The colors pop more and overall it’s just a more pleasing image. From then we move into more of a lower light situation. I think both the iPhone 8 and Galaxy S8do a really fantastic job. I think with the iPhone 8,you get a more natural true to life image with more accurate colors,whereas with the Galaxy S8 it looks great but it tends to cool things down a bit but overall it was just a sharper image. Now as far as the front facing cameras go that hands down goes to the Galaxy S8. I’ve always liked their wide angle lens. The iPhone has just never really felt wide enough. And as you can see as we stack them side by side,both do a really impressive job but I just prefer the look of the Galaxy S8 more. Now from there, one clear advantage the iPhone 8 has over the Galaxy S8 is when it comes to video standard. The iPhone 8 will shoot up to 4K at 60 frames per second. That’s something the Galaxy S8 does not do. So for reference here’s an example of bothat 4K 30. So we’re here on the iPhone 8 testing out 4K 30FPS video. Also gonna get a little test out to the stabilization. We’re gonna walk around, give it a little back and forth. Rich with the crispy shirt. Looking good with the tricolors. Ralphy holding down the camera. And now let’s hop over to the Galaxy S8. Holy crop factor, we’re here on the Galaxy S8. Moving around again, test out the stabilization. Video quality looks good, I’m curious to see how it reacts a little bit, moving in, grabbing focus. That’s pretty quick. Tricolors one more time. It looks crisp here, not gonna lie. Back to Ralphy, and lemme know which you think looks better with a comment down below. The other big deal with the iPhone 8is 1080P 240FPS slow motion video which is crazy. Here’s a quick example of the 240FPS slow motion video on the iPhone 8. Again, this is not something the Galaxy S8 even doesso I can’t truly compare apples to apples. To make it a little more even here’s what 120FPS slow motion video looks like on the iPhone 8 and you can see it does a really amazing job. Clearly my rock juggling skills could use some improvement but as we hop over to the Galaxy S8, you can see in terms of clarity and just overall quality it is miles better on the iPhone 8. Now ultimately it really comes down to preference and ecosystem. Both of these are fantastic high quality phones. The Galaxy S8 is far superior in terms of design,hardware, the display. And while the iPhone 8 may not look the most impressive on the outside, it is packing some serious power and impressive features inside. With the Galaxy S8 and more specifically Android you’re clearly getting more customization,more freedom, more flexibility whereas with the iPhone 8 and more specifically iOS 11, yes it can be limiting but in terms of the ecosystem the App Store it is second to none. For me, both these are fantastic phones,and again it is a great time to be alive in terms of technology. Hopefully this article kinda showcase what is cool about each of these phones and helped you with your choice. Aside from that, thank you guys very much for watching. If you missed it I just dropped a brand new iPhone 8 Plus versus 8 unboxing and comparison. You can check that out here or check out the link below. This is Smart World and I will catch you guys later. (

Credit card or Debit card or ATM card

Hi friends i’m your favourite “Smart Word“. In this article i’ll tell you about Bank card like Debit and Credit card which are basically ATM cards. A credit card or debit card or ATM card is issued usually by a bank However some other service providers are also issuing credit cards nowadays Debit cards and ATM cards are directly linked to your bank account But a credit card is not linked to a bank account That means, debit cards are prepaid.  Credit cards and debit cards both are used to make payments to merchants or sellers for goods and services While an ATM card is only used to withdraw cash from ATMs So, a credit card or debit card can be used online or in POS machines,in shops and other places to pay Debit and credit cards offer multiple ways to access money without any need to carry cash or a checkbook around Debit cards are more like digitized versions of checkbooks They are linked to your bank account and money is withdrawn or debited from the account as soon as the transaction occurs.  Credit cards are different they offer a line of credit or Loan that is interest free if the monthly credit card bill is paid on time But if you fail to pay the bill on time, there will be a fine or interest rate applied with the main payable sum!Instead of being connected to a personal bank account, a credit card is connected to the bank or financial institution that issued the card.  So, when you use a credit card the issuer or bank pays the merchant on behalf of you and you go into debt to the bank.  Debit cards and ATM cards can be used to withdraw cash from ATMs because they are linked to your bank account.  But on the other hand, usually a credit card cannot be used to withdraw cash because, yes you guessed it right!They are not linked to a bank account.  Then again, nowadays credit cards can actually be used to withdraw cash from ATMs,which is considered as cash in advance and those transactions are not free, they are chargeable.  Nowadays, ATM cards are becoming rare day by day because an ATM card has only one job,which is withdrawing cash, and a debit card can serve that purpose.  So, the banks endorse debit cards more Okay, let’s talk about EMIs now.  EMI is easily available with credit cards, but not with debit cards.  Then again, nowadays,EMI can be availed with debit cards as well but the availability varies from bank to bank and merchant to merchant Yearly charges and other service charges vary from bank to bank for credit cards and debit cards and many banks offer zero yearly charges Per transaction charges for debit cards are coming down day by day and mostly there are no such charges There are lots of payment network companies like Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, RuPay etc. on the credit and debit cards but not on the ATM cards because ATM cards are not used to pay online or offline merchants or sellers But again, these kinds of cards are really very rare.  The dedicated ATM cards that serve only one purpose are nowadays not endorsed by banks anymore The banks work in collaboration with the payment network companies to make the whole payment system going Last but not the least, a credit check is required to get a credit card.  The bank will check your credit history and maybe current financial status.  It is done from their end to make sure that you are well able to pay the money back after spending it with the credit card But a debit card doesn’t require such credit checks because it is prepaid Hit the like button if you liked the video and don’t forget to subscribe and hit the bell icon If you have any question or if you have anything to say just comment it down below.  Share the video,Maybe someone will find it useful. Check the descriptions, you may find something useful there. Thank you guys! Bye, and see you all again. . .

Twitter Article For Beginner

Hello everyone and welcome to our class on Twitter now before we begin one thing I want to mention this class is designed for anyone out there who is brand new to Twitter and also for those of you who maybe have been using a little bit but just need help with some of the basics. I do want to mention you will find over the course of this classI am NOT going to mention by name my twitter handle it will appear on the screen inevitably but I’m not going to mention it by name the reason being isI am NOT one of those people whose is trying to get a million followers.  That’snot my goal My goal in creating this class and all of our classes is to help inform the people out there who really need this information.  If you do want to follow me I’m thrilled I’m flattered but that’s not the goal with this class so I hope you enjoy it without any further ado here’s our class on Twitter coming up next on PCClassesOnline. com The first step in creating new Twitter profile is to go to Twitter. com and fill out this littleform here just put in your name email address and password.  One little tip I want to give you is if you’re having trouble creating really good passwords you may want to check out a class that we did recently called 1password.  I will put a link to in the description the video for those people were interested in that kind of thing now also in the sign up process you can end up creating your Twitter handle this just your profile name.  You can see mine here on the screen butas I mentioned I can actually say it out loud just my own little reasons anyways once you’ve created that you’re going to start to assemble the other elements of your profile and I’m gonna go to the edit button here so I can really start to display them the first is to find a photo so it can be a photo at you it can be a photo of your logo if you’re doing this as a business whatever you want it might even be your store front then you can put your name again it could be your name it can be the name of your business whatever your preference and then a short little description now this description can include hyperlink scan include hash tags I’m gonna give you definitions in just a moment also a trick if you have a very long website address how to shorten it then you’re gonna put your location and if you do have it you can also put your website address here at the very very bottom you can also choose a theme coloral though it’s not really all that important whatever you choose you also see here at the very top of your profile you can put a header photo now please please ignore mine I’m actually about to swap it out any day now I just haven’t had a moment to design it. on your head a profile for those of you who are doing this as an individual a lot of people will do just a wide screen photo could be if you could be of nature could be where you live.  For those who are inbusinessI really strongly recommend hiring a professional graphic designer there’s a bunch of different options out there course one really inexpensive option not necessary the highest quality but is inexpensive a to at least mention is there is a website out there called It’s a little website where you can pay people five dollars to do a gig for you I’ve used them occasionally for things like this so you might want to check them out when you go to the website to search for the word Twitter. You’ll find plenty of people who are willing to design your profile header now once you’ve created your actual profile let’s start talking about the actual uses for Twitter now earlier when I taught this class I asked everyone for those people out there who didn’t use Twitter why didn’t they and the big are the number one reason I receive from people was that they just didn’t really see the purpose of it and my argument has always been you have to craft your purpose and then you have to make what you put out there and who you follow to match that purpose So the top uses for Twitter are number one news and it can be news on a local national or international scale whatever it is that interests you that’s what she should go for one of the best examples I loved during our live class was a gentleman who said he has a kid who attends school and he wants to find out when schools closed whether due to weather whatever reason maybe so the school will tweet out if schools closed it’s certainly a lot easier than having to watch the news watch little ticker go across the bottom of the screen by the way for those of you out there who are parents are interested in doing that I’ll give you an extra little trick about that in a little bit second reason comic relief over the course of this you are gonna end up seeing who I follow and you want things you may pick up on as yet I follow quite a few comedians I love Jimmy Fallon love Chris Hardwick people like that Dana Gould People who just make me laugh I like to fill my life with laughter with people who are kinda you just happy positive people I’m so I tend to follow a good amount of comedian so far that little joke here in there that’s one of the reasons why do it nextis per trending topics this is useful for some people in business depending on what it is you do on a lot of the different screens you’ll see on Twitter For example even if I just go to the homepage you’ll see here at the top left corner there are trending topics okay a lot is trending topics are either there because our news stories that are taking place are or have taken place on also celebrities get weed out different havestaggs topics and that will trigger a trending topic so it’s a good way to stay informed what’s going on both in real news in pop culture that kinda thing to the next is for salesleadsas well as customer leads are using Twitter for business is definitelysomething that has grown over the yearsand what are the best ways to do that is to use Twitterads I think we’re gonna probably end up doing a separate classon Twitter for business but you can use thatif you’re business a small business I’m I would like to give youright now want the greatest little simplesimple tricks for businesses and this is really for people whothose of you who have a brick-and-mortar store okay see a place where peoplecome into everyone knows it’s a good idea to put a poster up and say heytweet son you know to follow us on Twitter but you have to give them a motivationand sometimes he also have to give them easier wayto do it I may give you a special little hyper Lakein the description of this period is something i think is pretty cool it’s aspecial kindsticker they can go in any businessand the sticker has embedded within it and and FCchip what that means is for people who have a smartphoneespecially lot of the newer smartphones they can actually hold their phoneright up to the sticker and dot will automaticallymake them like you on Twitter same thing applies by the way to Facebook sabalinks to both of thosein the description of the video I just wanted a little tricks I wanted to giveyou todayI was gonna given at the very end the class but ayou made it this far but will report a right off the bat sothat’s a one little reason business keeping gaugedwith your customers another trick I would like to give youis that the key to a successful tweetis one that is engaging thinkdialogue not monologue not to say that it’s not occasionally okayby if you’re trying to do this again for business you want to engage with yourfollowersnext thing I is for local newsokay sometimes there’s gonna be you know what do we do tonight where do we go outfor dinner wellactually look right herethis is a little local a market where I live you know they’re tweeting out theirspecialsokay the one little thing I would say these guys could probably done betterit’s a great idea to include photo asphotos let’s face it photos make a pop I next reasonis customer service there’s a million stories out there on Twitterabout people who use Twitter for customer service purposesmy piece of advice to you is be appropriate especially if you’re the onewho’smaybe not the happiest customer are an example give youI was my colleague Mark Collier who does all her website design he’s about toTana classes on Word Presswith PC classes online I mark wastweeting one day about this app called Flipboardand their at the time competitor and was talking about what he liked thecompetitorbetter than Flipboard well the footboard CEO saw that tweetand started private messaging with Mark asking himwhat they could do better to make him kind of start using their serviceso marks a smart guy gave them a bunch of advicecouple weeks go by the actually took it to heartthey included those suggestions and updated footboardso now I can say that my employees actually part of thesuccessive footboard in some strange way so that’s an examplealso a great example using Twitter for customer service is when you’re havingairline trouble I myself was stranded in Houston Texas recentlystarted tweeting with JetBlue within to minutesthey responded to me they can make it a lot easierand I’m just give you another little tip if you’re on a flightand your landing and your connection is really really tightyou tweak the airline they will sometimes hold the flightif they know that your baby just running five or 10 minutes late really goodpiece of adviceI recommend using that one I next thingis for sale specials kinda already mentioned it or iI didn’t mean to but if you our business you have a specialart example I like to give his if you’re a bakery okay if you have a betterproduct is about to go badlet’s get rid of it so we don’t have to you know just throw it outthe senate weed out to their followers say hey come in the next half an hourand get forty percent of all this productand it’s a great way to easily advertise that special in it I could cost youanything to do thatnow let’s go over some definitions now so theseI policies I my to I apologize are reallyreally basic I tweet a tweet is a messageit’s a public message that you put out there to the world you can do it bygoing to thehome screen to Twitter you have a 140 characters to composethis message included in that you can have hyperlinksagain I will give you a trick to shorten them in a little bit photosthat will also shorten the number of available characters Iand hash tags which brings me to the next definition:ashtec’s an example the hash tag I might beyou know today I later on this evening is the Oscarsokay so I could say you know routingfor you know Bradley the Cooperhappens to his name right I fortonight’s and then hash tag oscarsand you’ll see as soon as I started typing that gave mesuggestions in this case it’s the year 2015 peopleoscars 2015 so what it means is that if someone were to either clickon Oscars 2013 birthday search for itmy tweet will appear among the responses a great example of how that is becomingmore and more popularthere’s different talk shows like at midnight the tonight show with JimmyFallonwhere they will put a quick hash tag out like worst Christmas presentever and it’s a challenge you know the viewershave a 140 characters minus the hash tag to come up with a funnyyou know worst Christmas present story and it’s funny enough they might evenget on national television so it’s a way for those showsto interact with the fans and aare able to organize those thoughts by using ashtec’sso tempted berkeley the hash tag is going to be the subjectup whatever your writing about you know in my caseI do tend to focus on a lot of the Apple products somy maybe you know a the hash tag Apple watch is coming out soonsomething like that just group it together hash tagsultimately will also help you gamein followers because if someone is looking for who is theyou know expert when it comes to Apple products I want them to be able tosearch for Apple and have my namepop-up as an example nextdefinition we’re gonna go over is a DM also known as adirect message so the difference between a direct messagein a tweet is that a tweet is going to be public for everyone to seea direct message is just between two people I like to read the officialdefinition of direct message cuzit just seems to be well written about that you can understand itso here we go you can only senda direct message to users who follow youand you can only receive messages from users that youfollow I hope that made sense so I it’s basically just that one-on-oneconversation you can’t send a direct message to justanyone om so thatscognex definition I let’s see here next me every tweetokay reach week very similar on Facebook too are sharing someone else’sstatus source sharing someone else post so for exampleif I really this looks really good to me you see here this little symbol righthereand when I hover my cursor over while the options is retrieved it just meansthat when I click thatits gonna go out as if it were me okay but I’m putting out the sameinformation there is another option but you don’t haveaccess to it from the Twitter website something I found very strangelet me screen over here for a moment to the Twitterap for Mac csce in this case if I clickon that same icon there’s a second optioncalled quote REIT we quote re tweet means that I canhad my own whatever to it so I can sayyou know check out this great special something like that ona Kodak next definition: his favoritefavorite very similar to a thumbs-up I in YouTubealike on Facebook just basically you saying good joblike the content and Satan click right here you can see this little star onevery postclick back to favored the post lot of times if someone sends meyou know a message saying you know good work for what we’re doingno a favorite Iit says new samples where just acknowledging that I’ve seen it and Iappreciate theirkind words the next definition: wanna go for is the usage%uh the at symbol so when you’re composing a tweet sometimes you want tobring it toward someone’s attentionit would say I’m tweeting about what else Apple essaycan’t wait for details on the upcominghash tag Applecar which tape rumored to be releasing in 2020and I want to bring it to Tim Cook’sattention okay well Tim doesn’t know me he probably will never ever see thisyou never know so what I would do it I would at this pointadd the at symbol and because I R E followed him it’s gonna come up rightaway but i wanna hit TII am you can seize a third option there sonya addthe at symbol and start to put in someone’s nameit just basically means that they’re going to be be notified up itup here where it says notifications in the case of a celebrity the other thanactually sing it are fairly slimbut I’m actually friends with the couple celebrities in some them to actuallyread quite a few of thosecomments and even though they don’t respond to a lot of them they doactually see themso that’s one-way to tag someone in a postthat is the way to tag someone in a post I next thing we’re gonna start to talkaboutis navigation Twitter now right now I’m sure you from the Twitter websitea lot of people in the use Twitter to use the various aP’s I myselfI actually really enjoy the basic Twitter app for iPhoneon I don’t use anything really special I started kinda experimenting a little bitwith thenew one called Twitterrific om haven’t really for much but opinion aboutit risks I’m used it a lot om butthe navigation above the website is pretty darnsimple so obviously up here at the top left we have thehome page that gets you to your main Twitter feed next we have notificationsin this includes things likepeople who favor did your tweets people who havetagged you in messages people who favoritedI’m sorry people who have followed you recentlyI et cetera she’ll find out those little notification sort of like the globe iconon Facebook next we have messages these are just private direct messages they’vereceived from peopleI for up to clear this one apparently it’s someone who’s asked me about I O Seightit would slow down his phone I said nope shouldn’t slow down police didn’t for meso that’s read ok for your private messages our recentlythey also introduced now you can do group private messaging it’s a newfeature that just came out recentlyand then we have the discover button appear in this is kinda freaking go tofind out what’s trending find out who maybe you should followokay you find all those categories up here so I can go tofor example popular accounts at the show me people who are popular in musicyou know kind of all they’re regulating expect Katy Perry Lady Gaga Rihannaall those people their sports figures people who are big in photographyet cetera as a whole bunch a different categories as you can see right hereom finding friends this partI have to just be totally honest with you is really disappointing for methere is no way for those me who use Facebook there’s noway to simply import your friends from Facebook to Twitterthat is to say tell Twitter who is Mike who have my friends were already onFacebook are also on Twitterother services do that they don’t onthe way that you can get around it I is by using either Gmail or Yahooboth of those services have a method so that you can importinto them your contacts from Facebookand then once you’ve done that you can import your Yahoo contactsto Twitter it’s really roundabout itsit’s not fun by any means who knows maybe we’ll do a class II justI its anything but intuitive who to followokay just kinda looks at who you are already following I’llimages kinda make suggestions for who you might want to followby cassette & follow comedians entrepreneursleaders people in technology that kinda thing that’s why it’sthrowing out the suggestions right there and also you have access to activitiesso this is for examplepeople who I follow you know what they’re doingyou know so where to mention Chris harbour Cay favorited someone else’stweetokay whatever that may be I nextI want to go over sum up the Settings these are really important I’m have toblur apart the screen I apologizesmile on privacy reasons but if you go here to the very topright corner Twitter you click on your profile photoyou go here into settings okay now the main thing I want to talk about righthereis security and privacy and againsorry I to blow up are the screen I don’t want all the information out thereso here are the different things like kinda recommend to peoplefirst one under privacy okay this bottom section herephoto tagging this can help prevent a PR nightmaremy recommendation is to do either the middle option and probably athe middle option only allow people that you followto tag you in photos okay you don’t want one of those celebritylook-see moments to happen to you Ialso if I scroll down here you’ll see a few others tweet locationthis is important for your own privacy reasons armmy recommendation is to unchecked this option by default thisis checked and what that means is that when you send out a tweetits gonna actually put your location where that’s important is if you’re notat homeif someone god forbid was going to burglarize youthey know you’re not home so my advice is toI’m check this option and also delete allprevious location information I want to give youanother reference here at this point go slightly off topic so be quickfor those of you who have concerns about your privacyI have a blog post I put together recently all about privacy and whattoolsI recommend for the average person it’s pretty easy to followthere will be a link in the description in the video I hope you’ll check it outnext here if you go down to personalisationthis option by default is checked my advice is touncheck it same goes for promoted content okay just means that basicallywhen yousee ads I don’t want them to be tracking what web sitesI go to to form to tailor whatads I Cokay and then die that’s about it what I would like to do at this point folks asI would like to go through just a bunchalittle tips and tricks I want to try to keep this video as compact as possibleso here in no particular order are just a bunch of tips and tricksfirst thing I would like to mention is the general compositionI’ll a tweet on specifically one thing to probably steer away fromyou wanted basically when you’re creating a tweet you want to start withcontentso putting whatever word you want at the beginning at that point in putting thehash tag here and theremay be put in a hyperlink put in an afterthoughtand at the and at the tweet if you’re going to taganyone tag them at the end here’s the reason whyto do that armed so if I start with co-starare tweeting about an ap that we reserve you’d are called nextglass okay if I put theirname very very beginning the only peoplecool end up seeing this Tweet are myself themand people who follow both the bus that’s the reason whyyou typically never start a tweet withsomeone’s profile name stairway from that the next trick I would like to giveyou is for when you want to sharehyperlinked after all when you go to a lot of different products your YouTubevideothe link is pretty long you need to shorten there’s a certain times havedifferent servicesout there here’s just simply who I use I found them to be very friendlyvery easy to use in free so I use a service calledbitly you can create an account if you want or not omand the way it works is when you have a link you want toshorten you just copy and paste it right here and they will give youa much shortened hyperlinked that you can then copyand paste back into Twitter so there’s one that icreated just a moment ago so they click that little Lincoln echoes to a muchlongerwebsite URL if you do decide to createa account with deadly want the other nations you gainaccess to is analytic see concede exactly how many peopleengaged with that link %uh many people click on it especially great forbusinesses of coursethe next record like to give you is its always a great idea tohad image to your tweets and there’s different ways you can do this of courseyou could have a phone oran iPad whatever may be in shooter photo yourself but sometimes you just need aquicklittle graphic now I am NOT a lawyer I’m not giving you legal advice todaybut one of the things that you can do for getting imagesis to go to simply images got Googledot com when you go to that you are searching googlejust for image is nothing more so if I need a quick image of a cupcakebomb I got Mike cupcake image but I can throw into my tweetbut those be out there who want to take this to be a little bit a furtherlevel are I would like to just give a shout out to an apthat I love I use it all the time for those be who are on Apple products thisis great piece of software calledPixelmator one Apple the year couple years backit’s pretty easy to use it’s very similar to Photoshop Elementsin my own opinion I just wanted to be slightly friendlier than PhotoshopElementswe have classes on it about links to the class and the product in the descriptionthe videothe next he’s a good guy so I’d like to give you you can actually see here thatI take to heart myselfwhen someone follows you it can be very tempting toshow your thanks by following them back a lot of people tend to regret doingthatif you look at mine here you see I only follow a little bit over a hundredpeopleif you start to follow back every single person who follows youI feel that you may discovered that that Twitter experienceis a little bit tarnished because now you’re not just seeing the people youcare aboutreally try to focus on that just follow the peoplewho you actually care what they have to say and that’s notby any means that is not me telling you to follow meI only want people to follow me who have an interest in what I’mtalking about so whatever your passion isyou should go after following people who share that passionthe next trick I would like to give you something I made reference to in thevery beginninghow to get mobile alerts for Twitter are the best example I can think upis if you are parent give a kid in school schools cancelled you want toknow about ithere’s how you do it first you have to do is you have to tweak your settings sogo back to settings by clicking on your little profile imagego into settings from here you can click onthe second I i’m sorry the mobile option which isabout midway down and we’re gonna scroll down just a little bit hereforgive me a minute to blur out part the screen here and you’ll see herethat the text notifications I recommend checkingthis option right here okay so you can gettext message alerts on your phone for really anything with Twitterthe problems you don’t get too many cuts obviously messaging rates applyand you don’t want to be spam to death either for those of you whoI do have you know you do have kids in school my recommendation istalk to the school and ask them if they have a dedicated Twitter account justfor school cancellations delays in major announcements like that once they dohave thatcheck this option so then when you give Twitter your phone numberthey will send you I’ve text message alert onlywhen this account tweets out 92 she has now set that upare so I don’t have kids sum to show youa different example here I may use these guys were here the awesomer for the citycore tech gadget freaksarm this this is one of the best blogs on the internetin my opinion you click on their profile so pops up like thissee that little gear icon one of the optionsis turned up on mobile notification so ifI were to do this anytime they tweet it goes right to my cell phoneI get that push message alert you may have also noticed them the previousscreen there’s also a way tomake the account silence itself if it’s between certain hoursobviously don’t get a text message if it’s three in the morning but you knowif it’s one in the afternoon they’re going to let out schoolearly you’re gonna wanna know about that for those before in business are ok togive you a couple quickpieces advice are first is that you can track your analytics on Twitter bysimplygoing to the website analytics dot Twitter dot comand this want to show you basically how you dead how many impressions did youmakehow many engagements did you make enduring gauge min rate as a percentagenow I i’ve had I believe already mentioned it earlier in this classmaybe I didn’t I am NOT a Twitter freak I just kinda tweaks like sharingfun information I’m not Kim Kardashian I’m not Connie Westom I’m not going after million followers so you can see my numbers here prettypatheticbut up compared to other celebrities out there other businesses who do thisa lot more than I do you know you obviously want to try to hit as highnumbers possible the impression number not quite so important the engagementnumberyears and especially of course as a percentage this is just good informationfor letting you knowwhat you’re doing right what you’re doing wrong and what you can do betterso use that information to your advantage the other thing you can’t dealis you can take out in had on Twitter similaryou just go to add stock Twitter dot com it works similarly to the way thatFacebook doesthat’s what’s really nice though about Twitter is the ability to really targetlocation information let me give you an example my favorite business plan forworking with Twitterour food trucks food trucks that are for example in New York Cityare constantly moving from neighborhood to neighborhood they can create targetedadd that hits a very specific geographic area saying hey guyscome get your you know gourmet taco atthem were at this corner in this corner it’s a great way to get the informationout for a fairly inexpensivecost so if you want to create a Twitter at I think we’re gonna probably do adevoted videoto creating Twitter ads in the near future butI when I can really go for a much today well folks that does it for me for todayI wish you very happy tweetingthis is David a Cox with PC classes on mind %uh comity enjoy this classleaves a comment below you watching us on YouTube course we really doappreciate it if you click the Like buttonand be sure to check out our web site PC classes online dot comthat’s all for me everyone class dismissed

Laptop PC | Laptops | Tablets

Hey, how’s it going? Smart world is here! This is something very special from Acer, it’s the Predator 21X. So this box has a laptop in it.  It’s huge. It’s the biggest, it’s the heaviest, it’s the most expensive laptop in the world. And I normally don’t unboxing things, but because this one’s kind of special, I’d though I’d share the experience with you. [Sick gains]This is so big. I don’t know why they needed such a large box. *Wow. *Okay. Oh my f***. . .  this is so heavy!*Laughing. *Oh my god. Okay. I gotta see this, I gotta see what it looks like. Okay, this is surprisingly heavy.  I knew it would be heavy, but this heavier than I thought it would be. Okay. Now I’m going to put this aside for just two seconds, while I look at the inside. Let’s see what else is in here. This looks like a weapons case, like if I like, went to a weapons dealer, and he showed me what I was going to buy, this is what it would look like. What is this?!Cool. We have a track pad. Oh, it’s got a number pad on the bottom.  But it’s like a track pad/number pad. Okay, you must be able to switch that in and out. You get. . . . . . pamphlets. Oh no, it’s keys.  Oohh, this is so cool  ! Okay, I’m assuming this has removable WASD keys. And a removable space bar, maybe for, like, I don’t know, we’ll see. That’s pretty cool. I should take this stuff out, ’cause what I’m going to–plug it up in a minute. We get two very large AC adapters to power this thing. I want to see what this looks like on the inside. ‘Cause this is special. Holy smokes, you could get a serious workout just lifting this thing. . . . . . all the time. Ohh. . .  Key. I love the blue keys.  This keyboard– it’s so weird! Seeing this type of keyboard in a laptop.  Like this is like your regular desktop keyboard. And it’s a mechanical– I think it’s mechanical. Feels. . . It could be like a. . .  a Cherry Brown, or like a Brown switch? This feels like a really nice keyboard, and it’s weird to have this kind of key travel and this type of tactility. In a laptop? Are you kidding me?!Okay, this is cool. I though this would be a sticker, but it’s not.  This looks like it’s, like, painted right in. Okay, look at this. Limited edition, 17 out of 300.  That’s pretty cool. Okay, this shows you how you can use. . . . . . this thing. So you can. . .  okay I get it. So you just plug it up. Oh it’s magnetic! Oohh ! That satisfying click. Does it come out? Okay, and you can just flip it. When you want number pad , and when you want. . . . . . track pad. Okay, I need to boot this up. Now I didn’t go through the exterior features while I opened this , because quite frankly, I was, like, super excited to just boot it up and see it. But now that I’ve looked at this for a second, the build quality is so good, there’s no play or flex on any parts of this laptop. The screen is probably one of the most unique features on this thing, and it’s a curved screen, and I’ve never actually used a gaming laptop that had a curved screen. This might be the first one of its existence. The whole reason why you have curved screens is to give you that extra level of immersion in games. But the color accuracy and brightness on this thing are fantastic. The other thing that’s really cool is that it’s a refresh rate of 120Hz. Games are going to look really good on this thing. My only suggestion if you happen to be one of the 300 people that get one of these, is to do this to your keys. It’s perfect, now it’s, like, customized to the way that your hand naturally rests. There’s an eye tracking thing down here, I’ve never been a user of Tobii eye tracking. I’ve seen people, like, play games directly off of this, but I’ve never tried it myself. So. . .  it says caution over here, but I’m going to crack it open. I should power this down. Okay, we’re going in. I’m curious to see what’s inside this thing. Uhhhhhhhh, am I giving this too much pressure? I mean, it’s *only* $9,000. Aahh, it’s coming apart, yes! We’re in. Hard drive. 2 RAM sticks. I’m going to see the underside now. Four M2 slots, two more sticks of RAM, Wi-Fi card. So the inside’s pretty simple to access, if you need to get in there. So you’re able to run a lot of storage on this thing. 5 drive bays, you probably won’t need any kind of external storage. The Predator 21X uses two AC adapters, each one of these is 330 watts, it’s a lot of juice going through here. And they both connect into this rubber housing, which kind a keeps it in one package. I’m going to port some specs, I’m not going to go into too much detail, but this is as loaded as a laptop gets. It’s beyond impressive. In terms of the speakers, they don’t sound bad, but I think for a laptop this size, I had unrealistic expectations, I kind a thought it would sound amazing. They do get louder than your average Laptop. Some other information about laptop, though. The SLI GTX 1080s are incredibly powerful. This is the stuff that dream desktops are made of, and then when you put it into a laptop form, it becomes even crazier. I ran some benchmarks, just to see how it would compare, it performs like a crazy powerful desktop, it’s insane how much horsepower this thing has. Alright, I want to play some games.  Let’s put this thing to the test. The frame rate on this thing is very amazing. One thing I just noticed, the fan noise when you’re idling is surprisingly quiet. I thought this thing would be significantly louder, because it’s a pretty powerful processor. But even when you’re playing games, if you’re on the default mode, it’s pretty quiet. Aahh the external temperatures are very comfortable, even when you’re playing games. When I’m running benchmarks, there is some thermal throttling on the default mode. But if you crank up the fans, that throttling disappears, and you can over clock it pretty generously. I don’t know if the MIC will pick it up, but the fans are on full tilt right now, and it’s loud. Obviously this is a very powerful laptop, but whether or not it’s worth it, chances are, if you’re watching this video, and you’re kind a wondering whether or not you should buy it, this is not for you. But, if you want to live the dream, and you have the money for this thing, this thing is incredible. Amazing performance, amazing device, limited edition, pretty cool. Hope you guys enjoyed this video.  Thumbs if you liked it, subs if you loved it! I’ll see you guys next time. For further information about laptop Or Tablet Technology or generations then visit this link